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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and gas rewards. this week,... ... life's just a little sweeter with delicious red, seedless grapes. just $1.99 a pound. clean up with bounty paper towels, only $8.99 for 8 large rolls. and honey bunches of oats are just $1.88. there's more savings to love... safeway. ingredients for life. right now at 11:00, several people without a home this evening, after a dramatic fire in a south bay neighborhood. thanks for being with us. >> they are distinctly californian with a modern element to bring the outside world in. today, it was flames that roared into three eichler homes.
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new video, tonight, on that destructive blaze. it's cell phone video sent to us by a viewer, as firefighters were arriving on the scene. the fire burned homes in south san jose. >> reporter: firefighters are still here on the scene behind me, keeping an eye on things. in all, one home, a total loss. two others, destroyed. rather, two others, damaged. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. hours after the fire was put out, crews brought in a bulldozer to the destroyed home, to make sure hot spots underneath the debris were completely put out. the house belonged to curt, seen here in the light blue t-shirt. he didn't want to talk. but his best friend, steve cohen, is saddened to see the rubble of what once held childhood memories. >> we used to hang out together. play. make forts.
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like kids do. >> reporter: the fire started around 3:00. a gas leak fueled the flames, forcing the evacuation of about a dozen area residents, who stayed at a nearby middle school. judy allen doesn't want us to show her face. but talked about having to leave in a hurry. >> people started banging on my front door. i hear them yelling, judy, you have to get out. >> reporter: firefighters couldn't battle the inferno until the gas leak was shut off. >> we're allowing it to burn so that -- until we can get pg&e to access the pipe through the street and shut it down. >> reporter: his son rushed home when he saw the smoke nearby. >> his grandmother was in the house. she was lucky to get out. she didn't walk very good. she's very fortunate. very. >> reporter: maybes see what's left and worry about living in an eichler home, which has a reputation of burning down
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quickly. >> they call if there's a fire because there's so much wood. and these houses are 50 years old. >> reporter: no reports of fatalities or injuries. the fire displaced seven people. four of them requested help from the red cross. we want to give you more details on the distinct track homes. they're called eichlers. and they were built between the '50s and the '70s. the developer built more than 11,000 of them in california, with most of them in san mateo. they are known for the a-frame roof, the glass walls and the floor plans. the architect has defined the style as california living. a few hours before battling the eichler fire, they were called to a burning motor home, parked against to coyote creek on center road. they found a man dead inside that rv. since that part of the creek is frequented by the homeless, not clear if the victim was actually
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living in the area or simply passing through. could it happen again tonight? an odd crime spree. car flipping. literally. but not just any car. terry mcsweeney is in the buehrle heights neighborhood. how many people do you need to flip this car? >> reporter: one witness saw it. and he said it takes between six and eight people to flip a smartcar. they're picking on smartcars because they're smaller and lighter than any other car on the streets. as for motives, some say there's no motive, it's just a prank. or some are saying this is a battle in san francisco, between the haves and have notes. this evening, a tipped-over smartcar, righted by a tow truck. this is the woman that is caring for it while the owner is out of time. >> she's very upset. trying to keep it safe.
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>> reporter: this car and three others were overturned last night. three in burnle heights. and three in this district. brandon michael saw it happen. >> eight hooded figures walk out from the corner right here. walk up to the car. all huddle around it. and just lift it up and set it on its lined legs. >> it is a felony vandalism case. >> reporter: police don't have much of a description of the suspects and they do not know the motive. amanda lived here for 30 years and have seen an increase in vandalism. >> there's low income, feeling the squeeze. and people with a lot of wealth being here. and displaying things like smartcars and smartphones and google glass and all the rest of it. >> if that's the case, they should roll over some bmws. the car's fairly cheap. it takes up a small parking
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space. i don't see how it would be something like that. >> reporter: sh woman is worried about her smartcar. she feels the car tipping is more pranken in anything else. >> i think it's a prank. i think it's easy to do. it seems like something some young kids would find funny and do. i don't know. reminds me of cow tipping, not that i've ever done that. >> reporter: talked to a number of owners. they don't have a garage in. and they hope that the publicity will at least have the culprits calm down for a while or take their act to some other neighborhood. >> thank you, terry. hillary clinton is set to headline two bay area events this week, where her potential run for the white house will certainly get a lot of attention. the former secretary of state
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will give the keynote speech at a marketing summit in san francisco. then, back in the bay area to headline a woman's lecture series at san jose state. if you want to see hillary clinton, you will need a ticket. new details on a mysterious killing of a young woman in oakland. the woman had just moved to the bay area and was studying criminal justice. kimberly robertson's body was found saturday morning, just blocks away from lake merritt. she had just started studying at hills college in san francisco. she had a 2-year-old daughter. they've been looking for days. and now, the search for a missing menlo park woman has been suspended. these photos of magdalena glinkowski. she left her car at the boot jack parking lot on march 30th.
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marin county deputies and park rangers spent the entire weekend searching 26,000 acres around mt. tam. finding no trace, glinkowski's parents are not giving up. >> she was probably -- she is in a difficult issue. she would fight. >> the park rangers want to hear from anyone who may have been hiking around the boot jack lot on march 30th. they may know which direction she went hiking, which could prompt a new search. tonight, a san diego family heads home after being rescued at sea. many people are questioning the kaufman family for attempting to sail around the world with their two young children. around the coast of mexico, their 1-year-old daughter got sick. and their sailboat lost power.
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a rescue team parachuted to the boat to provide medical aid. the daughter is in stable season. the family is catching a ride back to home in san diego. naval officials say the family will not have to pay for the rescue. time is running out for searchers trying to find the missing malaysian plane. crews have not been able to locate the signals they heard over the weekend. the pings are the best lead the searchers have had in the last week. the ship is towing equipment in an attempt to find the sounds again. the batteries for the locater beacon are now running low. next at 11:00, a bay area woman fighting stage iv lung cancer. no chemotherapy. no radiation. the treatment she's been receiving. plus, who she is may surprise you. also ahead, this former u.c. berkeley police officer was
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hailed a hero after helping jaycee dugard escape her kidnappers. now, the officer is suing the u.c. system. selfies with the commander in chief, problem. the warning olympic athletes received before the visit with the president. and near 70 degrees in san jose. a few spots around the bay area, getting close to 90 tomorrow p afternoon. we'll show you where.
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they are three difficult
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words to hear. you have cancer. when it comes to lung cancer, the statistics are grim. >> it kills more people than colon, breast and prostate cancer combined. bay area doctors are leading the way with treatment. >> reporter: imagine taking one pill a day to shrink cancer tumors. thousands of lung cancer patients are doing just that. and in doing so, changing the way the disease looks like. meet molly golden. >> how was school? >> reporter: she's like a lot of 39-year-old married, working moms, with one big exception. >> i think when they told me, it's lung cancer, i just thought, there's no way. it can't be. it just can't be. it is probably bronchitis or pneumonia. >> reporter: turn s out, it was.
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>> the stigma is that it's a smoker cancer. and i never smoked. >> reporter: after a series of tests and scans, molly learned the cancer spread throughout her body. >> we see it in your left hip, your right shoulder. and throughout your brain. >> reporter: a devastating diagnosis, no doubt. >> i think i was worried that my family wouldn't have a memory of me. and i couldn't bear in a thought. >> reporter: but she hung on to hope. >> if there was a cancer lottery, i feel like i had won it. >> reporter: and here's why. molly has a gene mutation. >> something happens in the body that leads to this gene mutation somewhere in the lungs. and that develops into the lung cancer. >> reporter: this is molly's doctor. a nationally renowned
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oncologist, specializing in lung cancer. >> when we find the different gene mutations that lead us to the mutations, that gives us hope. the changes add a whole other level of drugs and options we'll be able to treat with. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened to molly. for now, no chemo. no radiation. instead, she takes one pill. tarceva. >> i've been taking tarceva since december 7th. and my tumor was down 50% in february. >> reporter: the cancer that metastasized is almost undetectable. >> the drugs work really quickly. they work within a week or two. people start to feel better. but they don't work forever. >> reporter: molly understands this. but for now, she's feeling  healthier. and living with a lot less pain.
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>> i'm breathing really well. i'm back to work. i'm back to yoga. i'm back to working out. yeah. i think it all took one, little pill. >> reporter: molly decided to share her story in part to get more funding for lung cancer research and help for patients that don't have insurance. without that insurance, the medication that molly takes would cost her $7,000 for just a 30-day supply. >> thank you. new at 11:00, she was call adheed e d a hero. allison jacobs retired after an on-duty injury. state law allows retired officers a permit to carry a concealed weapon. jacobs has been told she was eligible for such a permit because of a new policy. not eligible for that permit. she says she needs the permit
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because after her high-profile role in the jaycee dugard case, criminals might recognize and challenge her. >> retired or not, i'm going to run into joe schmo who i arrested and put in prison. and he's not going to care that i'm no longer a police officer. he's not going to care that i'm injured or disabled. he's not going to care about any of that. >> the approximately 100 officers are joining jacobs in her lawsuit. silicon valley's tech industry continues to be at odds with the government over the controversial program that allows work visas for foreign workers. the cap of the visas has been reached. it took only one day for the visas available for the 2014 fiscal year. congress does not want to increase the 85,000 visas issued each year.
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show them the money. labor activists in san francisco filed paperwork to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2017. san francisco has the highest minimum wage in the nation at $10.74 an hour. the new wage would be a 40% increase. activists need thousands of sig signatures to get the proposal on the ballot. let's bring in will mayada for our microclimate forecast. >> you going to the ball game, you want to bring water and try to keep cool. you see redwood city, to san francisco, low 80s this afternoon. all areas today, as the sea breeze backed off. high pressure building in. seeing the warm temperatures today the. and whaets interesting the places are close to 70 degrees
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right now. a little patchy fog, possible west of san francisco and towards the toast. clear skies in the north bay, it drops to 56 degrees. if you compare the temperatures to 24 hours ago. this is setting up to be a running start to tomorrow's warming that we'll see during the day. temperatures about 5 to 10 degrees above where they were, about this time last night, means that our overnight temperatures tonight or our low temperatures will be off to a little warmer start tomorrow. we got the late-day sea breeze. see the wind speeds dropping off in the last hour or so. the sea breeze picked up without the coastal fogs. it's like the air conditioning running without the coolant. you'll probably be sleeping to temperatures in the 50s and low 60s out towards the trivalley. high pressure holding its ground for at least a couple more days. that means at the giants home opener tomorrow, close to first
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pitch time, we could see temperatures close to 889. warm out there for opening day at the ballpark. tomorrow morning, patches of low clouds west of the golden gate and during the afternoon. the low clouds, probably going to look at high clouds coming in. not enough to produce any rain. at times, filtering the sun and giving us a nice sunset. one area of low pressure is going to scoot towards central california. we think that will trigger a strong sea breeze. temperatures staying very summer-like through tomorrow and in the trivalley through wednesday. the coastal cooling will drop our temperatures off. but not until thursday or
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friday. tomorrow, with the warmer start, should see mid-80s tomorrow. around saratoga, sunnyvale and morgan hill, you could see upper 80s, maybe near 90. around the peninsula, temperatures in the mid-80s. san francisco, close to 80 degrees. around 1:00 or 12:00. then they will cascade down in the 70s. north bay, climbing into the 80s tomorrow. as the winds pick up out of the south on wednesday, we'll see cooling in the north bay by midweek. and the trend here, very interesting. for the south bay, tomorrow should be the warmest day for the rest of the week. the sea breeze cooling things off. in the peninsula, things dropping down on wednesday. but the exception of the rule, may be towards livermore and pleasanton. it will take one more day to bring that cooling into the trivalley. all locations cooling down on
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thursday. another summer-like day in the bay area. chamber of commerce day weather at the game. >> we can do a few innings and come to work. >> we could. hmm. we'll have to work that out. >> thanks. still ahead, the chili's restaurant chain cancels a fund-raiser after backlash. colin firth is here tonight. he's going to take his shirt off. and we have music from nas. and john oates with the roots.
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chilhood obesity has a real price tag. it's $19,000 per child. that's according to a new study. that includes doctor visits and medication. the real costs happen later in life, during adulthood. now, the study adds the nation spends about $14 billion caring
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for just 10-year-olds that are obese. researchers say the price tag for a heavyset child that becomes an obese adult is about $13,000. the restaurant chain, chili's, backed out of a fund-raiser because of customer backlash. the event would have benefited the national autism association. a group that links vaccinations to autism. a theory that's been discredited. the chili's fund-raiser would have donated 10% of each check for national autism awareness month. it says it will find another way to support families affected. coming up next, a big night for the oakland a's. and a legendary warrior is back in the spotlight.
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time for sports. let's see gerard live in the comcast studios. tomorrow morning, our bay area news team will be on the field at at&t park for the big home opener. >> i'm going to be there. i'm going to eat a few hot dogs. have a lemonade, maybe a soda pop or two. the countdown is on. a little over 14 hours until
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some tim hudson, first pitch for the giants. even though the road has been good to them at 5-2, starting the year, it's time to open up the 15th season at at&t park. >> we're excited to play at home. the reason it feels long, you have all spring training. and a week on the road, when we start to see the season. josh reddick has a new look. the hair is cut. the beard is almost gone. pick it up in the second. reddick singles to right cespedes scores easily. a's up 5-3. eric miller at the dish. and he launches a 400-foot bomb to left center. the solo, his first of the season. a's win 8-3. excellent finish to the college hoops season.
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bill clinton and george w. bush in the house. second half, huskies up one. shabazz napier, no fear. draining the three ball. uconn up four. final seconds, kentucky down six. desperation time. aaron harrison, that was his spot. but not tonight. uconn wins, 60-54. the huskies' fourth national title in the last 15 years. two-thirds of the warriors run tmc, richmond, started his career with the warriors, playing three seasons and winning the rookie of the year award, in the '88-'89 season. richard shermaned a it again. the star signing photos of his title game saving tip at a memorabilia show in virginia, with the inscription, sorry, crabtree. he signed four or five of these photos with those words.
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> johnny manziel visiting the raiders. more news after the break. avo: safeway gets that staying on budget can be a real bear.
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that's why... ...they've gots lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week,... ... life's just a little sweeter with delicious red, seedless grapes. just $1.99 a pound.
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clean up with bounty paper towels, only $8.99 for 8 large rolls. and honey bunches of oats are just $1.88. there's more savings to love... safeway. ingredients for life. well, is the white house banning selfies? that's the buzz after a recent incident with president obama and baseball star david ortiz. just a couple days after the
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ortiz incident, paula edmonds and her olympic teammates were warned no presidential selfies. this all stems from this last tuesday. a fun moment took a serious tone when it was revealed that david ortiz endorses samsung phones. he took the selfie on a samsung. and samsung used the pic in a promotional campaign. a white house spokesman says a ban is not in place. but they do not like attempts to use the president in promotions. thanks for joining us. see you tomorrow. >> good day to you. our morning show from the ballpark tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- colin firth. chloe grace moretz. musical guests, nas featuring q-tip.


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